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Flip Read

10cm x 4.5cm boxed | Paper, binding screws
Flip Read uses the book form to explore the experience of lip reading. The book aims to challenge the hearing person’s perceptions and assumptions about how we construct our verbal and visual world and how we make sense of the information available to us. It employs the naturally ‘silent’ and yet verbal domain of the book, as well as the variable pace that the reader can impose on the read, via the pace of the flick. The statement on the verso alludes to the idea that articulating words (and the page) more slowly, can aid understanding - a counter to the usual response to a deaf listener of talking more loudly. The statement of the speaker is not revealed within the book, leaving a doubt in the reader’s mind over whether they have understood as much as can be understood, reflecting the inexact science of lip reading.
The actual spoken statement is: “How would you cope with the volume turned off?”

First Signed Edition of 150. Boxed.
Heather Weston, 2005
ISBN: 0-9546942-6-0
Offset lithography, paper, and nickel binding screws. 40mx 90mm.

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